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AI in the service of healthcare, created by healthcare providers for healthcare.

our Application for AI-accelerated process support


AI-Accelerated process support
for clinical care staff

Our application works together with doctors, helping them achieve better results managing:

  • Preventive risk management for somatic care related injuries
  • Competence development at a individual and organizational level

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Our Vision for
Better care through
process support

From a healthcare recipients perspective their relationship with care providers can easily be viewed as series of separate activities, most commonly in the form of a doctors appointments where a remedy or diagnostic procedure is decided upon.

From a healthcare providers perspective the situation looks quite different.

The strength of modern medicine lies in well proven processes for patients, from consultations, the continuous gathering of patient data, and the scientific analysis guiding decision-making on course of action and treatment.

Having tools that enable them to efficiently assess current and historical symptoms, procedures and results is crucial.

Hence, we’re committed to bringing the best smart-applications for managing patient related processes to the healthcare industry.

We do this by developing solutions from the perspective of clinical physicians, that enables them to produce better results in their daily activities managing patients.

Who we are

To develop state of the art technological applications for healthcare and efficiently deploy them into large scale organizations in a way that achieves high value impact requires a broad range of expertise.

  • A deep practical understanding of the daily work of healthcare practitioners and the constraints and requirements under which healthcare organizations operate.
  • Crossdisciplinarity technological and scientific expertise required to develop applications that operationalizes data driven decision making in high-risk environment.
  • Operational experience in governing enterprise level digital transformation initiatives.

The team behind Mediqtech International AB comprises this expertise in a way that uniquely positions us to innovate healthcare practices to a new tier of operational excellence.

Carl Swic
Cheif Executive officer

Management consultant in international sales and marketing. With 5 years of experience in healthcare recruitment.

Jamal King
Head of Product

Healthcare recruiter with 10+ years of experience. Works with Capio, Previa, regional care providers, etc.

Kenneth Ilvall
Cheif Medical Officer

Educated at Karolinska, general specialist. Former operations manager and founder of health centers. Involved in the training of AT and ST doctors.
Now medically responsible doctor, as well as healthcare innovator.

Errol Koolmeister
Cheif Technical Officer

AI-expert and -advisor.
DAIR '21 AI-professional of the year. Former Head of AI at H&M, Vodafone and Nordea.

Robert Luciani
Head of Researh & Development

Data Scientist and AI-expert.
DAIR ’22 Machine Learning professional of the year. AI-advisor at Eriksson, Swedbank, Sandvik, and more.